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Perkin Elmer Spectrum One FT-IR Spectrometer PerkinElmer FTIR

Perkin Elmer Spectrum One FT-IR Spectrometer PerkinElmer FTIR


Perkin Elmer Spectrum One FT-IR Spectrometer PerkinElmer FTIR

This listing is for an Perkin Elmer Spectrum One FT-IR Spectrometer.
This unit has been fully tested by an retired Perkin Elmer technician and is ready for installation at your location.
Comes with computer with Perkin Elmer Spectrum Software Version
This FT-IR come with both lids as well as some spare parts and accessories.
Please scroll down to view the full size images of the actual unit for sale.
PerkinElmer FT-IR spectrometers are built to the highest ISO-9001 manufacturing standards. This document
presents confirmed performance specifications based on factory tests. All instruments will meet or achieve
better than the confirmed specifications, under normal conditions of use as described in the user manual.
Optical system
Sealed and desiccated optical unit.
Vibration isolated baseplate.Interferometer
Improved Michelson interferometer, self-compensating for dynamic
alignment changes due to tilt and shear, incorporating high reflectivity
first-surface aluminum-coated optics.
Long-life source with proprietary hot-spot stabilization. User replaceable.
Proprietary optimized, multi-layer potassium bromide. An extended range
cesium iodide beamsplitter is optional.
Electrically, temperature-stabilized fast recovery deuterated triglycine sulfate
(FR-DTGS) or lithium tantalate (LiTaO
). A liquid nitrogen cooled mercury
cadmium telluride (MCT) detector is optional as a second detector.

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